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SANE Forums are a safe place to share your experience of living with complex mental health issues. Our Lived Experience Forum helps you connect to people like you. You can read stories, reply to discussions or start your own. Click on one of the topic buttons to get started.

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how many chances do you give your depression?

I've been depressed probably my whole life. I also have severe anxiety and cant go out by myself without having a panic attack. I'm also late diagnosed autistic and findi ... Read more

DID82 - profile picture


Hi to all the guys that responded to my post about depression, I was having a really bad night I feel a bit better today I know it’s a journey. Thanks for your words of e ... Read more

LostAngel - profile picture

taking stock of where Im at in general and making time for self reflection about different areas of my life

Hello Everyone been a while since posting any kind of lengthy post ,Im really at a place of needing to reflect and take stock of where Im at,alot of things latelty wether ... Read more

Andie1 - profile picture

Recovery struggles

Hi I’m new to these forums and am just reaching out for some support.   I had quite an intense and public manic episode this time last year and was hospitalised for ... Read more

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