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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

Self Care Alphabet


'A'  is for Alphabet for Self Care Tips

Don't know about you but all too often I forget to stop, even think about self care. I'm hoping this will be a constant running stream of self care ideas from anyone 🌿




Re: Self Care Alphabet


B = Bubble Bath πŸ›€ (with candles)

Re: Self Care Alphabet

C = chocolate  in small or large quantities

Re: Self Care Alphabet

Great idea @lapses Smiley Happy

D is for doing whatever feels good in the moment

Re: Self Care Alphabet

This is cool @lapses Smiley Happy

E is for exercise.

hare and turtle.jpg

Re: Self Care Alphabet

F is for Funny movies/videos πŸ˜€

Re: Self Care Alphabet


G is for Gratitude Smiley Happy

A self care tool- Gratitude is a game changer.  With Gratitude, you can change your life without actually changing anything (except your perspective)

Practicing gratitude in your every day life

Re: Self Care Alphabet

H for Home days, pajama days... ...

Time out in my own 4 walls, just for me, my home, my garden... ... where I give myself permission to do whatever I need to to  recharge - just for the day. ❀❀❀

Re: Self Care Alphabet

"i" is for I, as in Me, Myself and I. Smiley Wink

Ask what do I want to do now? What would I like to see happen next? What can I do for myself to move forward?


Re: Self Care Alphabet

J is for Journaling ... write about your feelings.

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